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AI-powered platform that reduces car fleet operational cost, and changes drivers behaviour.

Try Digital Fleet and save annualy €1000 per one fleet car!

A solution to optimise your fleet costs!

VivaDrive is effective in changing driving behavior and helping companies optimize fleet KPIs including fuel and battery efficiency, claims and accident ratio, service cost and vehicle residual value.

VivaDrive also helps you to make viable and more educated choices about
how to introduce and manage Electric Vehicles in your company
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Change driver's behaviour

Thanks to an engagement and improvement system that integrates with your business data VivaDrive is very efficient in improving drivers' behaviour.

Switch to EV

Compared to other solutions that use static data, VivaDrive creates a full digital fleet profile to introduce and manage electric vehicles in your company.

Save Cash

Thanks to using AI and Big Data VivaDrive is a one-stop-shop for fleets for effectively optimizing fleet costs.

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VivaDrive solution

By combining driving analytics, gamification, rewarding, traffic psychology and Synerise AI-Growth as a Service technology, VivaDrive is effective in improving business KPIs for various car and mobility businesses (fleets, insurers, smart cities, authorities).
  • Works with smartphone, OBD and black box devices
  • AI-driven telematics processing
  • Integrates with your business data (cars, drivers, costs, fuel, ...)
  • Customizable fleet management and optimization tools
  • Customizable gamification and rewarding program
    to suit different driver segments
  • Intelligent recommendations how to optimize your fleet costs

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Fleet management program

I want to encourage AWV employees to create a traffic safety culture within our organization and improve AWV internal fleet KPIs.
Ben Weyts, Flemish Minister of Mobility

for fleet electrification

#EVRecommend creates a full picture of a fleet including drivers, vehicles and transport needs and recommends the most optimal fleet electrification scenario.

Prevention programs
for insurers, authorities and smart cities

Our Smart Drivers program is fun, it promotes driving efficiency and it can prevent road accidents.
Karin Genoe, CEO VIAS

Sustainable mobility

VivaDrive is a technology parter of AI No Trace Expedition 2019 by Marek Kamiński who is setting off for the first ever journey around the world by electric car.

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