VivaDrive launches in France

Together with LSA Courtage we launch app,
the first application that rewards French drivers for driving good and safe!
By Mateusz Maj
May 15, 2018

LSA Courtage, a leading insurance broker in France, launches today, in partnership with VivaDrive and Isilis, app that encourages and rewards French drivers for good driving behaviour.

1. We are building a close-knit community of satisfied and loyal members and customers

The objective of LSA Courtage is to build and thrive a close-knit community of satisfied and loyal members and customers. Through a regular contact with the app, notifications, messages and emails, LSA wants to make a good driving fun and rewarding.

"We are convinced that app can contribute to better and safer driving and can improve loss experience."

Bertrand Liber, CEO of LSA Courtage smartphone application

2. Solution for all French drivers app is open to every driver in France. The app, powered by VivaDrive technology, can be freely downloaded from the Google Play Store.
Drivers are able to:

3. Premium loyalty program for LSA Courtage customers reward shop

Additionally the app offers a premium loyalty program to all policyholders. All customer of LSA Courtage who have car insurance policy will benefit from:

4. The app is going to boost Customer Experience at LSA Courtage!

Bertrand Liber, CEO of LSA Courtage: "The mission of LSA Courtage, via, is to allow all drivers to simply and quickly insure their vehicles even if their risk profile is complex. We are convinced that new technologies can contribute to better and safer driving and can improve loss experience. By partnering with VivaDrive and Isilis we chose to adopt a positive and fun approach to this subject by rewarding all responsible drivers, first and foremost all our customers who wish to participate. We believe will have a real impact on driving behavior and people can earn some great rewards in the process."

Mateusz Maj, co-founder and VivaDrive VP Product: "VivaDrive applies advanced predictive analytics and artificial intelligence as well as the latest research results in the field of driving behaviour and traffic psychology. As a result it is engaging and effective in improving driving behaviour. We have a proven record of changing driver behaviour in Benelux and we are very pleased to launch today in France, accompanying LSA Courtage, a recognized innovative player in this market."

Nicolas de Soubeyran, Sales, Conversion & Customer Experience Marketing Manager: "We put all our skills and know-how in the distribution and remote management of auto insurance, especially in the mobile channel, in order to make app a grand success. Our prospects and customers will benefit from a unique engagement and reward program. We also expect further commitment and loyalty from our auto insured customers and new opportunities for acquiring new customers."

"We are commited at LSA Courtage to provide our customers a superiour customer experience and app is part of our customer-centric strategy."

Nicolas de Soubeyran, Head of CX at LSA Courtage

5. About the partners

About LSA Courtage : LSA Courtage is a leading private property and casualty insurance broker in France, which sells wide range of insurance products. LSA Brokerage operates directly via and as a white label on behalf of various players on the insurance market. Thanks to this positioning and the confidence of the largest French insurers, LSA Courtage has recorded an average annual turnover growth of 15% over the last ten years. The company employs 105 people in Rueil Malmaison and it registered a turnover of 17.6M € in 2017. Since 2015 Blackfin Capital Partners and a management have owned the company.

About VivaDrive : VivaDrive is an advanced telematics platform developed by a Belgian company, Motosmarty BVBA, founded in 2012. VivaDrive technology helps ‘car companies’ (insurers, car leasing and fleets create comprehensive Engagement and Improvement Programs for their drivers and customers and improves business KPIs (retention, claims and fuel efficiency). VivaDrive has been built in close collaboration with IMOB - Transportation Research Institute, a leading player in the field of Transportation and Traffic Safety in Belgian and in the EU. VivaDrive has a proven record of changing driving behaviour and helps companies build better drivers and more loyal customers across Benelux and in the CEE region.

VivaDrive technology has been build will help and investment from the European Commission (FI-C3 program); imec.istart, a leading European business accelerator program; R&D subsidies from Vlaio - The Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Flanders and a grant from the European Space Agency (ESA BIC Flanders program managed by Innotek).
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About Isilis: Isilis has been founded in 2004. Isilis is a leader in assisted bank domiciliation and it created a banking mobility platform that has been adopted by majority of French banks. Isilis has also developed a client reward system with optimised financing to boost the effectiveness of company’s sales activities. This co-financed reward platform connects customers from major companies - banks, insurance companies, energy companies - and partner e-commerce sites.
For more information, please visit

Author: Mateusz Maj, VP Product @VivaDrive

Mat is a succesfull entrepreneur involved in projects in insurance, automotive and transporation sector. Mat has a Strong understanding of user experience and customer needs thanks to working and implementing multiple end‐user systems for large corporates and customer-focused products in a startup environment.

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