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VivaDrive launches in France

By Mateusz Maj
May 15, 2018
We’re excited to announce that together with LSA Courtage we launch app, the first application that rewards French drivers for driving good and safe! Read More

Road Skippers + Flemish Government (AWV)

By Mateusz Maj
October 1, 2017
We’re excited to announce that we started working with the Flemish government. The Road and Traffic Agency (AWV) is driving with our Road Skippers app...

BRSI's Smart Drivers powered by VivaDrive

By Mateusz Maj
May 15, 2017
VivaDrive partners with Belgian Road Safety Institute to deliver 'Smart Drivers' app for young Belgian drivers...

Road Vikings: when football meets road safety #RVsupportBelgium

By Mateusz Maj
June 10, 2016
there is a significant increase in car accidents on the days our national football team plays. This is unfortunate as somebody's fun should not be somebody else’s misery. That is why the Road Vikings announce today that they are on a mission to reverse this trend...

Road Vikings launch

By Mateusz Maj
December 7, 2015
New ‘Road Vikings’ community pursues increased safety on Belgian roads by monitoring and rewarding good driving behaviour...

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