Everything you need
to engage your customers

VivaDrive helps companies to build cost efficient
engagement and improvement programs for their drivers!

Driver Monitoring

VivaDrive monitors driving behaviour and analyses these details so drivers know how they are doing. VivaDrive scores takes into account speeding, braking, acceleration, mobile use and reckless events.

Data received are contextualized in order to provide drivers with more meaningful insights that could help them understand their driving behaviours. For this reason VivaDrive integrates road network data (e.g. as road familiarity, black spots, …), time of driving (day & night driving, rush hours, …) among others.

Personalized coaching

VivaDrive provides drivers with personalised feedback, which is meaningful for drivers to spot risky driving behaviours and stay motivated to improve their safety on the road.

VivaDrive also providers a feedback panel where drivers can find more inputs and tips about their driving style based on patterns analysis and recurrent behaviours definition. Spotting a risky behaviour is important, but knowing how to improve helps drivers becoming safer and more efficient in traffic.


Our gamification engine allows rapid program implementation and seamless, fully customizable gamified in-app experience including:

  • engagement campaigns organized with program partners;
  • engaging challenges based on different criteria (driving, business, lifestyle);
  • badges and levels to recognize user and customers achievements;
  • leaderboards to drive and encourage competition.

Reward platform

Good behaviour (driving, business, engagement, …) can be rewarded with benefits and incentives offered by partner network that can cover the whole range of mobility, entertainment and lifestyle services and products (e-vouchers, insurance cashbacks, cinema, tickets, public transport tickets, etc.).

Thanks to our automated loyalty platform you can link with your community various reward partners and benefit from so-called coalition loyalty program business model, where reward cost are shared by program partners.


Nothing motivates people quite like other motivated people. That is why VivaDrive aims at growing a community of drivers that makes it simple and fun to connect with each other.

As a result, VivaDrive is the best way people experience full-on engagement and collectively improve road safety, in their private and professional lives. It includes:

  • social media integration;
  • private groups;
  • peer cluster identification;
  • peer-to-peer competition and rewarding.

Business segmentation

Leverage your customer data and combine it with VivaDrive insights to gain a competitive edge over your rivals and provide superb customer experience.

Create an engaging user and customer journey thanks to taking into account:

  • Driving behaviour;
  • Driving context;
  • Location aspects;
  • Engagement;
  • Social profile;
  • Business contract details.