Proven driving behaviour and fleet TCO
improvement solution

VivaDrive helps your company boost your business KPIs
(fuel cost, claims ratio, service cost and vehicle residual value)

Car fleets

Management and optimization

#DigitalFleet - a complete Driver Engagemenet and Improvement Program helps you boost your fleet KPIs including fuel, residual car value and insurance.
Works for traditional and electric vehicles.

EV Car Fleets

Fleet Electrification

#EVRecommend - an objective, personalized and automatic recommendation engine that helps fleet owners easily integrate electric vehicle in their company.


World-class customer experience

Layer mobile apps, gamification, and power of social media onto the core insurance product experience to boost and improve your value proposition, retention, customer interaction and claims experience.


Addicted to good driving

Join us on a mission to make road safer and drivers better. We know how to do that!

Car Sharing

The trust that binds them all

VivaDrive driver profile creates a trust layer between car owners and drivers. It assures brand trust, enables price differentiation and reduces the TCO.